How to Sell Your Services to More People

How to Sell Your Services to More People

In any given market, 3% of people are looking to buy now!

Due to this, there is a method called the Larger Market Formula, and that’s the graphic that you can see below this text right now.

Basically, it indicates that in any given market for anything, there are always only 3% of people that are looking to buy now.

And realistically, if you are offering something like a free consultation, your conversion rate for that kind of thing may be anywhere from 3% to 7%. Now, the main thing is that there will be a large percentage of your market that aren’t ready to speak to you right now. They haven’t seen enough for you to prove that you are the one that can help them with their problems.

So, what does high-value content do? It basically allows you to communicate with your potential clients in a non-confrontational manner. They don’t need to speak to anybody, it’s not this threatening thing coming at them, forcing a conversation–it’s just giving them a simple piece of information that solves a specific problem that they’re having, and that further proves to them that you are the one that can help them reach their desired outcome.

Further proof that you can do just that–without actually jumping on the phone and actually speaking to them–is that you really need to think about where that person is in their research phase, right? And only 3%-7% percent of people would take you up on your services during a consultation call. Let’s go through the conversion rates that you can get on a high-value content offer.

Why you should use this strategy

The analogy that I always tie it back to is the dating analogy. You know, this is something that I just see, prevalent all through the industry, in all of business, and specifically with coaches and consultants: They’re really just out there asking people to buy straight out of the gate. And that’s the equivalent to walking into a bar and asking a woman you don’t know to marry you.

Obviously, you’re gonna have very little success if you do that, and that’s essentially what they’re doing. They’re like, “Here’s my landing page, just buy something off me straight away.” What you really ought to be doing is going into that bar and perhaps buying a girl a drink, and then there are logical steps of progressions where that will lead. And really that’s what that high-value content offer is: It’s that very first step in the journey, just solving a basic problem that they have right now to take them to that next step.

What we’ve found is that this works like crazy. And this is not just my opinion, okay? I haven’t just come up with this new idea and employed it and that’s about it. No, this has been factually proven by different marketers around the world spending millions of dollars in media, spending in multiple different segments, in multiple different markets, and in different nations. And this strategy works in every single case for my clients.

So, let me just run through a quick scenario for you, okay? Let’s just say that we are getting a hundred people to our landing page. So we’ve got a basic landing page and we are using Google or Facebook or Instagram ads, whatever the medium is doesn’t matter. And we bring those hundred people through to a page. And on that page the only link reads “get in contact” or “get in touch.” That is what most coaches and consultants have, right?

And what we’ve typically found is that those offers converted around 3%. Some people might be saying, “Yeah, mine’s more,” or there might be some people saying, “Mine’s less,” but on average it’s around 3%. That’s pretty typical. Meaning that you would get about three leads from those hundred visitors coming into your site. And out of those three leads, let’s say that you’ve got a 30% close rate, which we’ve found is pretty standard for an inbound lead, generating you one sale. Okay, are you with me?

Scenario number two

Now, let’s walk through scenario number two. And we’re still getting the same hundred visitors coming through to our landing page. However, this time instead of going straight for the “get in touch” or “contact us,” we’ve got a high-value content offer there that addresses the number one burning question that your market is currently experiencing. And what we’ve found is that these convert at 25% and upwards. Meaning that you get a hundred visitors and you have a 25% conversion rate, so you’ve got 25 leads in the end.

Now, naturally, if you were calling all of these people that were downloading your high-value content offer, there’s less of a commitment… they’re downloading this free information from you, so logically you’re gonna have a lower close rate on them, because they might not be in a buying mind at this stage. And we’ve found that these convert at around 10% or 12%. Meaning that you got a hundred visitors, 25% conversion rate, 25 leads, with, say, a 12% conversion rate, and that would generate you 3 sales.

So as opposed to just going right out into the marketplace and pushing straight for a consultation call, simply using this strategy alone has just tripled the kind of results that you would have previously achieved. This example really illustrates to you very clearly, I hope, the worth of a high-value content offer, and where it fits in, and why we specifically use it to get people to raise their hands amid a sea of people–saying they are interested in what we are selling.

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