Using Proven Strategies That Work Right Now In 2024

Generate from 10 to 800 sales calls/month

(depending on your monthly goals and the size of your team)

Helping Businesses Get More B2B Clients

Here are just some results from my clients recently:

✅-SEO agency – 307 sales calls/month

✅-Facebook agency – 164 sales calls/month

✅-Design agency – 72 sales calls/month

✅-Branding agency – 53 sales calls/month

✅-Business coach – 61 sales calls/month

✅-Financial services company – 67 sales calls/month

✅-Management consulting firm – 52 sales calls/month

✅-Advertising company – 98 sales calls/month

And that’s without using paid ads!

(We are currently generating the best results in the industry!!)

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The Process (short version):


1) Targeting ONE specific group of people/businesses.

2) Helping with the foundations – checking your current assets like LinkedIn profile(s), Website, Copy, Funnel, Conversion Mechanism.

3) Implementing the Straight Line concept across all your digital assets.

4) Building the perfect list (with your ideal clients only) using:

a. Sales Navigator,

b. Apollo,

c. Uplead,

d. Zoominfo,

e. RocketReach,

and other tools.

5) Outbound strategies:

a. LinkedIn + warm emails (7-step sequences for 3 different scenarios).

b. Cold emails

6) Scaling outbound activities (Horizontal Scaling Strategies)

7) You get 10-800 booked meetings/consultations per month (Zoom or Microsoft Teams or Phone) with prequalified prospects interested in buying from you. (the exact number of meetings / consultations depends on your monthly goals and the size of your team)

8) You close the sales, collect cash and grow your business fast, being extremely capital-efficient at the same time.


B2B businesses and high-ticket service providers:

  • B2B tech companies,
  • Financial services companies,
  • Advertising agencies,
  • Software development companies,
  • Marketing agencies,
  • SEO agencies,
  • Branding agencies,
  • UX design studios,
  • B2B consultants,
  • Advisors,
  • Experts,
  • Professional service providers,
  • Public speakers,
  • Business coaches,
  • Management consulting firms.

**I’ve worked with many companies and entrepreneurs for the last 12 years, including small businesses and even big brands like Google, HubSpot, T-mobile, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Stripe, IBM, Skoda, MaxMara, Century 21, Lotto, Nestle, Lukoil, Gazprom, KTM, Pirelli, Fisher and Kappa and many many more.**

With my team we’ve created 10,000+ of successful campaigns!

[ 358 Case Studies! ]

Here Are Some Of Them:

(1) Financial Services – 344 sales calls in 60 days:



B2B -> Financial Services For Business Owners.


Unable to scale without using paid ads.


LinkedIn + Email outbound strategies.

How (9 steps) : 

1 – LinkedIn profile optimisation

2 – Building a new offer

3 – Optimising all core assets, including the copy on the website

4 – Making sure the Straight Line concept is implemented across all the assets

5 – Creating a perfect list, the first list with 2,000 leads (Using Sales Navigator and Uplead)

6 – Email verification with Neverbounce.

7 – LinkedIn + Warm Emails

8 – Cold Emails

9 – Horizontal scaling strategies

3 core strategies :

1 – LinkedIn + Warm Emails: 7-step sequences for 3 different scenarios.

2 – Cold Emails: 4-step sequences.

3 – Horizontal scaling strategies: increasing the weekly volume after getting the first feedback from the market.


26 sales calls booked in the first 7 days – 4 contracts signed in the first 7 days!

132 sales calls booked in the first 30 days.

344 sales calls booked in 60 days….. Not too shabby! 🙂

(2) Marketing Agency (in the United States) – 

over $255,000 in sales

in 60 days WITHOUT using Paid Ads!

The process:

  • 1 – We created our targeted lists using Sales Navigator, Apollo and Uplead;
  • 2 – Optimised the LinkedIn profiles for our outbound strategies;
  • 3 – Built a new entry offer;
  • 4 – Added a new short VSL on the home page to increase conversions; 
  • 5 – Divided the territories for each account/rep;
  • 6 – Created 6-step outbound sequences with different messages/versions to test;
  • 7 – Connected email follow up systems to increase conversions;
  • 8 – Verified all emails with NeverBounce to keep the bounce rate below 0,5%;
  • 9 – After our first week we increased the volume with Cold Emails campaigns;
  • 10 – Now we are adding more LinkedIn accounts, creating more lists and adding more reps to scale this machine to 350-400 sales calls per month in the next 30-45 days.

The results:

277 sales calls booked in 60 days, 34 contracts signed (average price $7,500)

(3) Advertising Agency (Australia) – 2582 sales calls in 12 months:

The process:

  • LinkedIn Outbound + Warm Emails
  • Cold email campaigns
  • Using our Horizontal Scaling Method
  • Improving current digital assets for higher conversions
  • Targeting 4 different niches
  • Our lists were created with Sales Navigator, Apollo, Uplead, ZoomInfo
  • Multiple campaigns with 2-3 scenarios, usually with 5-7 steps each

The results:

In 12 months – 2582 calls booked!

Some screenshots and stats from one of our accounts, 553 replies just from 1 campaign:

(4) UX Design Agency (UK) – 796 sales calls in 12 months:

The process:

  • Targeting 4 niches
  • LinkedIn Outbound strategies + warm emails
  • Cold emails campaigns
  • Content marketing on LinkedIn
  • Our lists were created with Sales Navigator + Uplead
  • Multiple campaigns with 3-4 scenarios, 6-7 steps each

The results:

1st month – 35 sales calls booked (7 new contracts signed in the 1st month!)

2nd month – 63 sales calls booked;

3rd month – 84 sales calls booked;

In 12 months – 796 sales calls booked.

December 2021 was our best month, check the stats below, December 1 – December 14 (360 replies!):

(5) Software Development (Germany) – 488 sales calls in 6 months;

12 sales calls booked in the first 4 days:

The process:

  • LinkedIn profile optimization – several profiles
  • Targeting 1 specific niche
  • Lists created with Sales Navigator
  • Multiple campaigns with 5 steps each: LinkedIn Outbound + emails
  • Horizontal scaling method

The results:

12 sales calls booked in the first 4 days! (high market-message resonance)

1st month – 43 calls booked;

2nd month – 51 calls booked;

3rd month – 78 calls booked;

In 6 months – 488 calls booked.

The screenshot (first 4 days) – LinkedIn outbound – 40 replies:

(6) Social Media Marketing Agency (UK) – 714 calls in 12 months:

The process:

  • LinkedIn Outbound + Warm Emails
  • Cold Emails campaigns
  • Without using paid ads
  • Targeting 3 different niches
  • Lists were created with Sales Navigator, Apollo, Uplead
  • Multi-channel campaigns with 2-3 scenarios, 5-7 steps each
  • Horizontal scaling strategies
  • Content Marketing on LinkedIn
  • Optimising digital assets to boost conversions

The results:

1st month – 44 calls booked;

2nd month – 57 calls booked;

3rd month – 68 calls booked;

In 12 months – 714 calls booked.

November 2021 was one of our most successful months, here are some screenshots, 515 replies in 30 days (just from 1 account):

(7) SEO Agency (Switzerland) – 215 sales calls booked and

24 new contracts signed

in just 3 months!

(Pricing starts at EUR 2,500 per month, meaning 24 new contracts = more than EUR 60,000/month.)

The process:

  • Optimising LinkedIn profiles + setting up emails
  • Targeting 2 specific groups, ideal buyers
  • Lead lists were created with Rocketreach + Google (Niche websites)
  • Multi-channel Outbound campaigns
  • Content Marketing on LinkedIn

The results:

1st month – 54 sales calls booked;

2nd month – 68 sales calls booked;

3rd month – 93 sales calls booked;

In 3 months – 215 sales calls booked.


Some screenshots: 

(8) Business Consulting/Coaching (USA) – 204 sales calls in 4 months:

The process:

  • LinkedIn profile optimisation
  • Using LinkedIn outbound strategies + content marketing
  • Targeting 1 specific niche
  • Lead lists were created with Sales Navigator
  • Multi-channel strategy, multiple campaigns with 2-3 scenarios each

The results:

1st month – 27 calls booked;

2nd month – 35 calls booked;

3rd month – 64 calls booked;

In 4 months – 204 calls booked.

Some screenshots from our first week + our first month:

(9) Marketing Agency (USA) – 99 sales calls in 3 months:

The process:

  • LinkedIn outbound + Warm emails
  • Optimising the LinkedIn profiles for better results
  • Targeting 1 specific niche
  • Testing 2 different offers
  • The lists were created with Sales Navigator + Apollo
  • Multiple campaigns with 2-3 scenarios, 5-7 steps each

The results:

1st month – 17 sales calls booked;

2nd month – 33 sales calls booked;

3rd month – 49 sales calls booked;

So in 3 months – 99 sales calls booked.

Here are the screenshots from our 1st month (just from one of our accounts).

(10) Financial Advisory Firm (Canada) – 421 calls in 12 months:

The process:

  • Optimised LinkedIn profiles (core assets)
  • Using LinkedIn Organic Strategies
  • Focusing on 1 specific niche
  • Outbound LinkedIn + warm emails
  • Lead lists were created with Sales Navigator + Apollo
  • Different campaign types with 3 scenarios, 5-8 steps each

The results:

1st month – 19 calls booked;

2nd month – 26 calls booked;

3rd month – 32 calls booked;

In 12 months – 421 calls booked.

Here are some screenshots from our campaigns:

 (More case studies will be published soon!)

Cool brands I’ve worked with:

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