New Marketing System That Works Like Clockwork

What GURUs don’t tell you

Listen, it doesn’t matter how much you love your product or service. Everything depends on HOW your marketing works to bring you new customers. If your marketing doesn’t convert – you are at risk.

But if you have a marketing strategy that IS bringing you customers every day – life can be awesome.

Some people just want to ignore this fact, they say “I have passion”, “I want to help people”, “I am motivated.” But nobody cares.

Yes, nobody cares about it. Your customers care only about their needs, problems and struggles.

You see, all these new marketing tactics and techniques can’t fix any marketing campaign that doesn’t bring clients consistently. Funnels, chatbots, messengers – more tactics are not the answer.

You need something different. Something that changes your results dramatically!




Don’t SELL, help them to BUY!

The “BM8 formula” has 8 elements you need to create the “buying mode” in your customer’s head.

1) Intrigue
2) Mechanism
3) Advantage
4) Story
5) Proof
6) Belief
7) Desire
8) Offer

To get crazy results – make sure you have all 8 elements in your marketing campaign!

Create a HIGHLY-PROFITABLE marketing campaign

First, you need an intrigue (1) to get attention, right?

Then show your mechanism (2), how you can deliver the results.

Then show advantage (3) of using your system/process/service/product — show why you are unique.

Next – the story (4) behind your mechanism. Not coming up with a story -> telling the real story!

Then show some real proof (5) that it works, just a story is not enough, show the testimonials here! 😉

The next step is crucial – Have you established the belief (6) that your product can solve the problem?

Step number (7) – Desire. Now they know about your product and believe that it can help them, BUT is it enough to make a purchase?

Last but not least – Your offer (8). It should be irresistible!

You have to use ALL these 8 elements for your prospects to be in what I call «Buying Mode.»

You can use it for Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Youtube or LinkedIn.

It works like magic every time.

Advanced Automation For Your Marketing Campaign

When you use the BM8 Formula you get high-quality leads every day, consistently and predictably.

To make your business really scalable – you need to start leveraging automation and systems.

Getting leads is one thing – but nurturing and building quality relationships with your potential customers is something that can give you even more customers in the long run.

Automation is NOT only about sending emails. But let me tell you 1 thing about email automation.

As you already know – most companies and entrepreneurs send sales pitches to their email subscribers every single day. It doesn’t work, but they do it anyway because they don’t know any better.

When you use the “BM8 formula” framework for your campaigns – your email/message open rates are skyrocketing! Why? Because these emails are delivering VALUE to your prospects.

Old Way VS New Way of Getting Clients

With “BM8 Formula” growing your business to 7 figures and even 8 figures is easier than ever before!


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